Repairing the Damage

A lot of times, these malicious programs that we have to get rid of end up changing some settings that are very important to make sure that we change back.

This is a straightforward guide to getting your internet settings back to working order.

(note: I do not have any malicious programs, add ons, extensions, or search engines on this PC so there will be none in the pictures. You will see unfamiliar strange ones on yours if there is anything malicious)


First, lets get started by getting rid of any left over browser add-ons. It can be helpful to monitor these regularly to make sure nothing creeps in.

If you use Internet Explorer:  ieicon


internet explorer settings

#1: Open up Internet Explorer and click the Settings icon at the top right hand corner (small gear icon)

internet explorer manage

#2: Click the option “Manage add-ons”

internet explorer add ons


#3: This will show you a list of the browser extensions that are in your Internet Explorer.

If there are any in there that you do not recognize, right click the name and click disable.

manage add ons


#4: Then click on “Search Providers”, and this will show you the search providers that are in your browser. Right click any ones you don’t want and click remove.

If one you don’t want is set to default, you will have to make a different one your default before you can remove it. (note: ebay is not malicious)



#5: Now head back to step #1 by clicking on your settings gear again, and this time clicking “Internet Options” towards the bottom in the menu.


#6: Make sure your homepage is set to what you want it to be before we head anywhere, any click apply at the bottom.


#7: Next, click the “Connections” tab at the top of the page, and there will be a button towards the bottom that says “LAN settings”, click that.


#8: This is where malicious programs that affect your internet will often times change settings. Make sure that the “Automatically detect settings” box is checked and the “Use a proxy server” box is unchecked. Click OK, and then OK in the Internet Properties window, and exit Internet Explorer.


Internet Explorer is good to go!