This is the downloads page, where you can find top antivirus protection, internet security software, malware scanners, anti spyware, anti adware, file cleaners, registry cleaners, file recovery software, and MORE.

All of these are trusted sources and you will never find viruses, malware, spyware, adware, or junkware on this website!

Each of these programs can be used at least once to fix and tune up your computer for free RIGHT NOW. 

If you use any of these programs and they help fix your computer problems, please consider purchasing the full version to ensure that you stay fully protected from malicious programs in the future.

I have separated these programs into three categories; For Malware Removal, Name Brand Anti-virus Programs, and To Clean Temporary Files / Registry / Utilities. This is to distinguish between what you can use to find fix malware related problems, virus protection to use as a preventative for the bad ones, and then the utilities are for afterwards, to help clean up the mess these malicious programs leave behind.





Malwarebytes Anti-Malware HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Malware is the number one problem for every day consumers with computers, and this is the program to solve that problem. The free version is mostly just for scanning your computer after you’ve found that you’ve got malware, pop ups, weird programs you didn’t install, etc. The premium version actually contains a preventative malware blocker, that tops that of most I’ve ever seen. Do everyone you know a favor and get this program on their computer now. Quick, reliable scans, and you can use it as your malware scanner for free forever, however I can not stress enough the importance of the premium versions actual malware and pop up blocking protection, and it is cheaper than most anti-virus programs. Click “Start my 14-day trial” to download this program and remove malware, viruses, fake home pages, malicious toolbars, and others you may not have even noticed. After your 14-day trial has ended, you can continue to use the program to scan your computer for free or upgrade to the premium version if you want the added benefits.


hitman pro


Second opinion malware scanner. Exceptional program, recommend to run it after you’ve already ran Malwarebytes or others to make sure you’ve got everything out. This program can find some things that none of these other programs on this list can. You can choose to run a one time scan, or save it on your computer for future scans. There are free trials and full subscription offers available as well. No one program will be able to find absolutely every bad thing every time, as there are constantly so many viruses and malicious programs being created every day. That’s why this program was created, it is a constantly updating and finding the newest and most dangerous programs. Just choose whether you’re using a x32 or x64 bit operating system and you’ll be able to use the full program for free.



Spybot Search and Destroy

Scans for each individual malicious program and the place it resides using a very thorough database . The scan takes a while but it is very in depth. Can find almost everywhere that these programs lie with nothing but a few clicks. Make sure you click “Update” before you run a scan to make sure you get the most recent virus definitions.



AdwCleanerVery powerful tool, be careful when using;

Can show up “false-positives”, which can be legitimate programs. Look at everything before you remove things blindly! However, this program specializes in removing adware, junkware, and can be especially handy to remove fake home pages and toolbars. Just be careful that you see what you’re about to delete and make sure it’s malicious.





McAfee Security

McAfee has the highest rating for malicious website blocking out of most other name brand antiviruses in a recent test done by PC Mag, receiving a rating of 85%. Coming in several different packages, like Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Protection, and LiveSafe. Antivirus is just a virus scanner, Internet Security is a virus scanner and malicious website blocker, and then the other packages include banking and other security features centered around identity theft and phishing protection. Often times these programs are on sale for extreme discounts (sometimes up to 80%) and is a great program to couple with Malwarebytes. Rated Best Antivirus 2014







Norton Security

One of the most top rated anti-virus and internet security programs, and on PC Mag‘s Editors Choice list for years, offers the full suite of antivirus, internet security, and tuneup utilities in it’s subscription. It has often been criticized as being a “resource hog”, claiming that it uses too much of your computer’s RAM and CPU resources. I personally have used Norton for years (provided free through Comcast, NOT Comcast’s other programs they include) and I find that it does not use as many resources on my computers as even Malwarebytes or having some tabs on Google Chrome open. They offer free trials so you can try it out and test how it works on your computer before you decide which one to go with. Norton Security tends to be more expensive for their base product because they usually offer more in their package than some of the other brands base products (tuneup utilities, backup utilities, etc).



eset NOD32 Antivirus

Along with the highest rating antivirus programs is eset NOD32. With a URL blocking test done by PC Mag, it scored an 81%, which is still pretty good for an antivirus program. Many clients swear by NOD32, with it’s fast scans and great detection ratings alongside the other programs listed here, can still be trusted as a worthy antivirus when paired with Malwarebytes.





Another decent antivirus program that is fast, resource efficient, and has a lot of deep scan and rootkit scanning options as well. Comes in different versions for different people: Antivirus, Internet Security, and Pure, from basic to full suite for single and multiple users/devices.



AVG Security

Usually most popular for it’s free edition of it’s antivirus program, it offers excellent protection over Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials, and often has lots of discounts and sales. AVG provides Antivirus and Internet Security packages for 1 to 5 users, and also offers multi-year packages as well which can save money and time buying new subscriptions.





Temporary File Cleaner and Registry Cleaner. Also has uninstall tools. One of my favorite cleaning tune up programs that can be trusted to do the “PC cleanup/tuneup” job efficiently. Does not include malware protection or removal, so this will just be used to clean out old temporary files that can safely be deleted, and to clean up after you’ve removed malicious programs and files using Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner, or Hitman Pro.


Revo Uninstaller

A very powerful and useful tool to uninstall those annoying programs in your Programs List for good. If a program fails to uninstall, or you can’t remove a program, this is one of the best uninstalling programs. It runs the Windows uninstaller first, and then scans for the leftovers in other areas of your computer it may have left. You would be surprised what programs can leave traces in your computer..




From the creators of the #1 most popular PC cleaning and optimization solution CCleaner, Recuva was made to recover damaged or deleted files. So that means if you deleted a file or your computer crashed and your files got corrupted, this program lets you recover those lost files, even if you’ve deleted them from your recycle bin. To some, this program is invaluable and has saved precious documents, pictures, and memories. And it’s free!